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Axi@con - Web Based Contact Scheduling System

Axia Solutions recognises that efficient scheduling of our contact services is critical and paramount to our customer service.

That's why we have developed our own state of the art, web-based, secure scheduling application - Axi@con

This tool is beneficial for our customers, our managers, and our contact staff.  Secure access levels and logon ids control what each user can access and are provided by our Axiacon administrator.


Axiacon provides our customers with real time visual representation of all scheduled contacts and transports (past and present) that apply to that customer ONLY.  At any point in time, the customer can see what is happening. 

Access to the system is NOW AVAILABLE !!!!

To gain access to the Axi@con system, send an email to

Axia Management Team

Axiacon is the tool our managers use to manage your business. The tool allows us to quote, schedule and allocate our workers to your jobs in one spot, allowing us to allocate the most qualified worker to the specific job.

Contact Staff

Axiacon allows our contact workers to see their individual work schedules including pickup and drop-off locations, driving route, referrals and any other critical information related to the job, anytime and anywhere.  The system also allows our workers to record their timesheets and upload contact reports. 


Axiacon is our point of difference to our competitors.

We understand that scheduling and allocation is the key to providing outstanding service to our customers and more importantly, the families that we support.


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