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Contact Visits

Axia Solutions is the industry leader in facilitating contact supervision for children in out of home care with their parents and other significant family members. Our fully qualified staff conduct the visit at a location suitable to the needs of the family. 

Our primary focus is to ensure the safety and well-being of the children while they interact with their parents to maintain or re-establish their relationship. 

All conversations and physical interactions are observed and documented in a contact report which is recorded as part of the supervised visit.

Supervised Transports

Axia Solutions provides qualified staff to transport children in Out of Home Care to a variety of destinations, including to and from school, medical appointments, placement changes, the airport and camp.

Although other service providers may consider using unqualified staff, at Axia Solutions we believe that the most vulnerable children deserve more than a taxi service.

Axia Solutions has a range of vehicles both owned and maintained by our agency, as well as the vehicles of our contact support staff.

Supervised Changeover

Axia Solutions can provide staff to support separated families when a child needs to be 'handed over' and 'handed back' to the parent or other family member who does not have the day-to-day care of them.

In cases where either parent is not comfortable with meeting face-to-face, an Axia Solutions Contact worker will facilitate or supervise the changeover.

Babysitting and Overnight Placement Support

Axia Solutions can provide staff to support children who require babysitting during the day or supervision overnight in the case of placement or family breakdown.


Axia Solutions staff have a range of experience with children and young people and are available to provide mentoring and support.


Axia Solutions owns, provides and maintains all child restraints to ensure they meet current standards.


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